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Fungus Rx

Medicinal Remedies

Fungus relief in 15 seconds.

  Kills fungus on contact.
  Fast sustained fungus relief.
  100% natural herbal plant oils.
  Essential & carrier oils only.
  Made with 8 Organic Oils.
  Proven effective by 1000s customers.
  15 second relief guaranteed.


Price: 21.95


Fungus Rx 100% natural herbal remedy for treating all types of fungal conditions: toenail, nail, fingernail fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, foot, hand & body fungus, scalp & beard fungus, yeast infections.

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Medicinal Remedies products out performs homeopathic, herbal, drug store OTC products. Compare to other natural products priced from $26.95-$49.95

Fungus Rx is a premium high-potency fungal remedy that delivers 15 second fungus relief guaranteed. Fungus Rx treatstoenail, nail, fingernail, foot fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, beard, scalp, body fungus. Fungus Rx is made with the highest quality 100% natural herbal plant oils on earth. Medicinal Remedies only uses 100% essential and carrier oils in each remedy.

All products are intended for external use only. Individual skin sensitivity may vary. Test a small topical area first before applying. If skin irritation or a reaction occurs stop product use immediately. Seek medical attention. Seek medical advise if concerned whether the products sold on this Website are right for you.






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MR Products
Guaranteed Effective
1000s Satisfied Customers
100% Natural: 100% herbal (essential & carrier) oils.
Organic Oils: Made with 8 Organic Oils.
Fast Acting: 15 second relief guaranteed.
Proven Effective: 1000s of satisfied customers.
Sustained Relief: Fast sustained relief guaranteed.
Highest Quality: Highest quality, purest ingredients guaranteed.
Potent Ingredients: High potency essential & carrier oils.

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