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Bite Rx

Medicinal Remedies

Spider & Bug Bite relief in 15 seconds.

  Fast sustained spider, bug bite relief.
  Stop bite itch, pain, swelling, redness fast.
  100% natural herbal plant oils.
  Essential & carrier oils only.
  Made with 8 Organic oils.
  Proven effective by 1000s customers.
  15 second relief guaranteed.


Price: 21.95


Bite Rx treats all types of spider, bug, insect bites and stings. Bite Rx provides fast sustained symptom relief: redness, pain, swelling, itching. Effective treatment for tick, mosquito, flea, fly, ant, brown recluse, black widow, wolf, camel, chigger, black widow, brown recluse, house spider bites, wasp, bee, hornet stings.

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Medicinal Remedies out performs homeopathic, herbal, drug store OTC products. Compare to other natural products priced from $26.95-$49.95

Bite Rx is a premium high-potency bite and sting herbal remedy that delivers 15 second spider, bug, insect bite and sting relief guaranteed. Bite Rx is formulated with the finest 100% natural herbal plant oils world-wide. Medicinal Remedies products are 100% essential and carrier oils.

All products are intended for external use only. Individual skin sensitivity may vary. Test a small topical area first before applying. If skin irritation or a reaction occurs stop product use immediately. Seek medical attention. Seek medical advise if concerned whether the products sold on this Website are right for you.






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MR Products
Guaranteed Effective
1000s Satisfied Customers
100% Natural: 100% herbal (essential & carrier) oils.
Organic Oils: Made with 8 Organic Oils.
Fast Acting: 15 second relief guaranteed.
Proven Effective: 1000s of satisfied customers.
Sustained Relief: Fast sustained relief guaranteed.
Highest Quality: Highest quality, purest ingredients guaranteed.
Potent Ingredients: High potency essential & carrier oils.

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