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I had a very serious spider bite on my right arm which was not responding well to any natural remedies, including prescribed antibiotics the Hospital emergency room had given me. I applied BiteRX as soon as I recieved it and the next morning my arm was about 70% better! Unfortunatly, I have been bitten again but just ordered more of your miraculous remedy. Thank you so much! (Patricia, Chattanooga, TN)

I have had fungicidal jock itch off and on for about 50 yrs mostly affecting me during hot July and August. When i was 17 or 18 a very old Dr. gave me a vial of oil about 2/3 the size of my little worked great and lasted for years until I lost it..never knew exactly what it was..but since then i've tried all that over the counter garbage to no available...then I google searched and found you and you were talking about oil so i decided to try it and thank you very very much it works as good as that little vial did...again I say thank you. (Joseph, Massillon, Ohio)

Acne Rx is the fastest acting acne product I found...many other products that claim to clear up acne don't work...your products deliver on what they promise. (Helen, Great Falls, Montana)
I had chronic jock itch and athlete's foot before I tried your product (Fungus Rx)...I suffered for years trying
many other medical and natural products that were suppose to work...none did. (George, Dacron, Ohio)

After I got bit by a bug, I think it was a spider, it took for ever to heal...I used Native Bite Rx and the itching and pain stopped... the bite seemed to clear up in a matter of days. (Susan, Temecula, California)
Every summer I get into poison ivy...this summer the itching and rash healed up much quicker thanks to your product (Rash Rx)...thank you. (Peter, Bangor, Maine)

I have had facial warts for as long as I can remember...they keep on spreading...doctors have told me that all they can do is remove them by cutting them off or freezing them...your warts product really worked. It took a few weeks, but now they are gone. (Crystal, Saint Louis, Missouri)

It takes me a long time to heal from bruises...I have always bruised easily...I hate the black and blue marks on my legs from bumping into furniture...I tried alot of home remedies and changing my diet...your products (Bruise Rx) have helped my bruises clear up quickly. (Jamie, Los Alamos, New Mexico) 

I was diagnosed with dry scalp itch after suffering with a itchy scalp for years. I tried OTC (over-the-counter) products and medications prescribed by my physician...nothing seemed to work...I was afraid of medication side-effects so I wanted to use a natural remedy...after using Native Itch Rx for a couple of weeks the itching and dryness disappeared. (Thomas, Las Vegas, Nevada)

For as long as I can remember I have had sensitive skin...I have many skin allergies...Dermatologist have run endless allergy tests on seems that in the Spring I am allergic to just about every type of when I come in contact with plants Itch Rx and Rash Rx really help. Thank you for helping me with a treatment plan too. (Jean, Scottsdale, Arizona)


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